At EdLife, we promote lifelong learning and mould the students to live is the global village. We believe learning takes place when the environment is conducive with guiding principles followed by model caretakers. Students are our priority.

Every student at EdLife, must follow the following principles/rules/guidelines to be a part of EdLife Learning Community. 

  • Arrive on time.
  • Come to class prepared to learn. (Pencils sharpened, pen, paper, and notebooks)
  • Respect all property. (Personal and Others’)
  • Respect all ideas given in class and do not criticize anybody’s ideas or thoughts.
  • Raise your hand before speaking
  • Keep your hands clean and take care of personal hygiene in and out of the classroom
  • Clean your work environment appropriately
  • Do not interrupt other students’ learning
  • Stay on task and do your assignments
  • Do your very best!