About Us

We are an educational institution providing lifelong learning across the nation in particular, and the globe in general. We cater students from grade 7 to 12 with 21st-century learning skills. We promote character and embed Information & Communication Technology into the lives of today’s youth.

Our main motive is enhancing education through innovation and creativity. Modern technology has been a part of 21st-century civilization. Most of the researchers consider it as a necessity of life today. We provide state of the art facilities and classrooms for students. Our online learning platform is one of the most reliable learning platform today. It is trusted by millions worldwide.

Why choose us;

  • Online & On-campus learning – Students can join classes from home.
  • Live notification of absent students – Parents will be notified if the student is absent to a class.
  • Information sessions by guest lectures.
  • Varieties of payment methods – Payments can be made through internet banking, mobile banking, etc…
  • Conducive Learning Environment – 12 to 15 students in a class.
  • All subjects under one roof.
  • Free CIII courses for students completing one full year of learning at EdLife*.
  • Qualified Tutors



To become an institution of national repute.


Our mission is to ensure every student graduates at the highest expectation of their parents  by providing students with qualified and experienced tutors along with a rich curriculum, effective pedagogy and technological means