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Our Team

Moosa Adam

*Project advisor for EMIS - MOE        
*Experience as LT and principal            
*Master in Education (UPM, Malaysia)
*12 years of experience                           

Ismail Saudulla

*Former Principal, HA.AEC                   
*Bachelor + PGCE in Education (MNU)
*13 Years of Experience                          
*Currently working as a Dean at CITM  

Ahmed Mihadh

*Master in Education                 
*Experience as DP and principal
*Software developer                   
*Over 16 years of experience     

  • Aimintha Jazmine

Tuition FAQ

1. Which subjects are available?
We offer all the subjects of science and business stream including English, Mathematics, Islam and Dhivehi.

2. Can I take specific subjects?
Yes, you can select the subjects you want to study. It can be even one subject or seven subjects

3. What time are the classes?
For students of grade 7 to 10, classes are scheduled between afternoon 2 PM and 08 PM. The actual time of the class depends on the subjects you study.    You may view the time table online here.

4. How much is the registration fee?
If you are an on-campus student, your registration fee is MVR 100. If you are an online student and you want free internet for online tuition, your registration fee is MVR 1000.

5. How much are the fees?

Grade 7            - MVR 300 (if more than 2 subjects)
Grade 8,9,10    - MVR 325 (if more than 2 subjects)
Grade 11 & 12 - MVR 600

6. How to apply?
To apply you need to fill and submit the application form. You may get a copy of the application form from our office or download a form here, scan it and send it to info@edlife.edu.mv.  You can also Viber a clear picture to 7826264. Please note that application will only be processed with the registration fee.

7. Where are we located?
We are located near Peoples' Majlis. Next to G-six Cafe'. See the map here